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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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2014 and it'll enable us to refinance is cfd 7 variable rate bonds issued in 2005. under cfd 7 nearly [inaudible] and parks construction in 2005 for phase one of the shipyard. in approve a contract for bond counsel services as well as a contract for special tax advice for good win consulting. on april 15 is commission
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authorized that same day the commission also authorized collection of [inaudible] as the underwriter and [inaudible] as the comanager working together to underwrite the transaction. that day the commission authorized a certain corps bond documents, which include a fiscal agent agreement, an escrow and deposit and trust agreement and bond issuance agreement. pursuant to that we went to the oversight board which gave their approval on the bond issuance in 2008 and that has been approved. on may 6 there were no objection to the landowners or owners of the shipyard. and so the election was held and the vote is voted to have the commission and approve an amendment in the cfds rmas and the commission conducted a first reading of the two ordinances to left vi special
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taxes on ordinance for cfd 7 and 8. today is the second reading to lower taxes for cfd 7 and 8. followed today's meeting we'll be back before the commission and following that? july we'll take steps to close out the line of credit. that concludes the staff renation. presentation. >> we will be taking action on these items as well as public comment so if there's public comment on either. >> i have two speaker cards. [inaudible]. >> [inaudible] i'm very amazed at the fact when i hear conversations about what
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happened in 2008 and '10 and what you're doing today is really out of order because of the fact when the board of supervisors and city planning supported the project going forward, we had to get an attorney, the community did. and i'm quite sure we know about the lawsuit because they was not negligent. none of that land was clean and it stated, the judge ruled and if you want the information i'll give you -- call me. my number is 467-0535 and i will give you the phone number to the individuals that made the lawsuit come about and give you the judge's ruling. again, my number is 467-0535. call me this evening and i will
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give you powers phone number because they're the ones that filed the lawsuit and stopped everything and the judge ruled that nothing could be done to any of that property until circular has been approved. i'd like to know where is the environmental impact report done on this property? back in 1962, a part of this when the building was built, the public housing, there was no epa so nobody knew about toxins until after then. we didn't know about that [inaudible] area and we lived there and i just stated to you earlier, our people are dying. you all need to be very careful. why don't you grow up on inner street at the end there where they're doing this work. they're not supposed to be building over there. people are sick. go visit the people living over there. people stop me at the store let me know what's going on. it's a shame you all are going
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to be rubber stamping this. i want to make sure you understand, the board of supervisors and what happened -- i think it was 2011, the judge ruled against it. judge asked for the report. stop voting on something you don't know what the heck you voting on. you don't know nothing but what's been presented to you and i give you information, tell you why don't you read or go on the internet and get the information for yourself. do you do it? no. no, you don't. you just go by what's being said here. and, you know, most people not aware. i know some of you. what about mayer islands, if you don't know, used to be part of hunters point shipyard. my husband was in the navy and that's where i used to get my mail from. you all don't know anything about the southeast sector. thank you. >> francisco [inaudible].
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>> you know, doctor, jackson has been coming here for a long time. there are a number of ya'll that get my emails and i'm sure if you open the email i sent you this morning on the investigative report done by nbc, that two white, white [inaudible] employees have testified about the botched clean up on the shipyard. now, in the past, blacks have come forward who work for them now. three blacks. their attorney was angela arioto. they got some money, but we got no information as to really
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what's happened. we know what happened, but didn't get anything in writing, but here are two white professional employees of tetra tech who got over $500 million in contracts who botched the clean up of the hunters point shipyard. now here you are, supposedly intelligent people, that can be likened to the land to ginobel. you hear these professional people talking about uranium, other types of chemicals in high levels that adversely impact people. we're not talking about some joking staff here. all the experiments conducted in the beginning, the ships
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brought to hunters point, the rest was down here in every way. large animals that were radiated were buried here, there and every. some people who not advocated on the issues don't know didly. i work for the presidio so i'm privy to a lot of information. if you come to my office, i have information from 1976 'til today. 1976 today. so [inaudible] getting the money, getting the land practically for free, but we are hurting and they will hurt because i've said it again and again, and i'm going to say it finally, no good, no good ever will happen on hunters point
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shipyard. that's what native americans say, aho. >> thank you. if there is no further public comment? >> no. we need to [inaudible] to replace the tape. 30 seconds. >> okay, thank you. wait 30 seconds for sfgov tv to replace the tape. 30 seconds. >> okay, thank you. seeing no further public comment, i'd like to turn -- we've seen this items over a course of a number of meetings as presented by staff, is there any comments or questions about this action today? okay, seeing none, i will start
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-- so just as with last time, there's a little bit -- i'm going to read from the script because i have to get the words right about how we actually approve this ordinance. so this time consider a motion to adopt the ordinance number 1 and waive the reading in full of the ordinance. is there a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> thank you, is there a second? >> second. >> okay, thank you very much. madam secretary, please call the roll. we're just going to do a voice call. so i'll just say all in favor, if you're in favor, say i. then i'll say opposed. all in favor, please say i. >> i. any oppositions, abstentions? excellent, hearing none the item is adopted unanimously so we'll consider a motion to adopt ordinance number 2 and waive the reading in full. do we have a motion?
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moved. second. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. opposition, absengss. hearing none, this i team is adopted unanimously. please call the next item. >> work shop on proposed revisions to accommodate increased street width discussion. madam director. >> madam chair, i'd recommend that we continue this item to the call of the chair in light of the hour and the need to leave the room at 5:00 due to another commission. >> okay. thank you very much. we do not need to vote on that item. we will continue this item not only because it's late, but i also heard parameters of this transaction may have changed so we'll have more information at our next meeting as it is. we'll continue this item to our next meeting. let's see. madam secretary, next item.
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do we need public comment on this item? >> yeah. >> sir, i'm not trying to -- >> it's okay. that's a learning curve for anyone that wants to aspire to something better. let me state it this way. what i feel about this is that the city engineer [inaudible] and we have a woman fire chief that's admired all over this nation, others experts agreed that the width of our roads now, because of what happened with mission bay with the huge fire should be 26 feet. this is what the experts say. what i dislike is some supervisor coming over here and trying to put pressure on ya'll that is 20 feet whatever, you
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know, which works in boston or new york that that should be implemented in san francisco. if that is so, go back to new york, go back to boston. we don't need you in san francisco. let me further say this, when you get this conception plan and you get some road map, if i ask you or anybody ask you what type of building will be at the corner of this and this, nobody can state. if it were three or four satisfactories, i understand. stories i understand, but imagine having 50, 60 stories and having a fire. the fire on mission bay, there wasn't -- the winds didn't move for about 45 minutes, five or six buildings from ucsf would have been burned, would have been burned. our firefighters did a good job. they know, they experimented
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that they got a chance to experiment having this huge rig. actually you need 34 feet, 17, 17 feet -- 34 feet. but trying to work with 26, so that we can put out the fires so that we can address safety, so that, you know, our firefighters are not put in jeopardy, but here we have a supervisor -- he doesn't know didly about fighting the fire. he doesn't know didly. and fires have taken place in his district, but the guy doesn't know didly. he just wants to propose something again and again and again against the poor, against the [inaudible] in a park that is a private park. leave them alone, sucker. leave them alone. you are a supervisor who doesn't know how to represent.
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now ya'll are commissioners. ya'll hear the good, bad, ugly. you have to represent, you have to have a thick skin, but at all times you have to do right. that supervisor, no good. he needs to be booted out. >> i was at that hearing and one of the things that came about because of where i live in the area i live on james town and when they would have a ball game james town would become like a highway. people that live in my community, we church folk. we couldn't even get home because the cars would not stop leaving the ballpark and what occurred is that going to a meeting i requested that stop signs be put up.
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and if you go jamestown and you see all the stop signs except where one most needed where i live and i've been asking that a stop sign be placed there. so stop signs is all in the area. because you have a wide street do not mean it has to become a highway. all you need to do is put 25 mile zone, 15 mile zone in the area because that is homeowners in the area and most people don't know that we used to didn't have stop signs in hunters point. so what the need was all of us church goers needed to get home from church at 2 o'clock in the afternoon or 3 o'clock so i agree with what they said because they'll still be meeting on this issue to talk about what the width should be and whether or not it should be wide or smaller.
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i think in your last time, you did, and i'm not too sure because you didn't read it off was about tashgs. tax. was that increment tax? yeah, but i heard something about taxes so i just wanted -- those bonds that was said anyway so i know now i have to go to supervisor. >> thank you for your thoughts and sorry for almost skipping public comment. next item. >> the next item of business is item 6. public
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>> >> >> the meeting of the san francisco transportation authority vision zero committee. i'm kim yee and breed and march and scott wiener on their way to the meeting. we would like to thank jessie larson and jennifer lowe and our clerk erica cheng. are there any announcements? >>